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Advent Week 1995 was marked for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the most important constitutional event - Queen Elizabeth II sent his son, the Prince of Wales Charles and his wife Princess Diana letters, in which proposed to consider the question of divorce. Such solutions have all been waiting a long time, because the rift between the Prince and Princess of Wales deepened month by month, and is becoming more damaging to the British monarchy as such. The couple is not officially live together for 2 years, and Prince Charles almost immediately agreed to a divorce, Princess Diana announced Royal Affairs that it will give an answer in January 1996 According to British law, the divorce process can take up to 3 months, and divorce can take place if the spouses do not live with at least a year.

It all started July afternoon in 1981 wedding ceremony 32 years of Prince Charles and 19-year old Diana Spencer was struck by all the participants and spectators splendor and beauty. Slender elegant prince charming Diane. It seemed that not a single cloud should not overshadow the alliance. But he already had bad omens. Almost simultaneously the streets of London and other British cities in flames the Royal Affairs most popular in British history of racial and social unrest. The beautiful Diana from the first day of their acquaintance with her future husband was in the center of media attention, which is quite unceremoniously since then has not left her for a minute. Terrible ordeal for an inexperienced girl. And the friends of her husband's worried - not postpone a princess heir to the background. From year to year became glaring growing estrangement between Diana and Charles.

Being the youngest daughter of Earl Spencer, the court, Diana was not at the court of a stranger. But get used to Royal Affairs the features of court life, she never could. Passing it off as an heir, almost did not even ask her consent. In 1992 he published a book by Andrew Morton, which produced a bombshell. The book told of the bitter life of the wife of the heir to the throne. Depression, mental disorders, stiffness and even cruelty her husband's relatives, including the Queen and Queen Mother, but the main thing - the indifference of the spouse. Many of the facts in the book, could be communicated only very Diana. Thus began a media war between the prince and princess of Royal Affairs hearts and minds of Britons.

Initially, Prince Charles will remove the currently documentary, where he openly admitted to a long-standing connection with Camilla Parker Bowles, ie of adultery. By the way, all those who met the prince, speak of him as the beautiful, sociable and educated man. The Princess was silent for a long time, even limited contact with the press. But in November, she gave a televised BBC BBC lengthy interview, which was announced at Buckingham Palace just after the recording, which was a flagrant violation of the protocol. The interview was an event Royal Affairs. It was perfectly orchestrated and rehearsed, but all were convinced that Diana spoke sincerely. Princess is also admitted to adultery, which was already previously known to all, for her former lover rastrezvonil all about their relationship. But admitted only one fact, resolutely rejecting all the rumors about the other novels. The British were on the side of the princess. Departing immediately after the interview in a triumphal tour of Argentina, like Diana made it clear that she wanted to play a very special new role - the role of honorary ambassador of his country.

Buckingham Palace, it seemed, was ready to Royal Affairs reconcile with Diana. But there could not miss the candid question Princess, stated in an interview about the ability of Prince Charles, because of his personal qualities, to be king. Expansiveness and unpredictability of the Prince and had given food to these thoughts. In December it was announced that Diana will not hold a first Christmas with your family - with her husband, the queen, children - Princes William and Harry. And divorce. Diana deferred its decision. Official - did not want to interrupt their Christmas celebrations from lawyers. But all observers agree on another point of view - the longer it will Royal Affairs pull, the more concessions it receives from the royal family. Divorce, when something is not conceivable, has become commonplace in the royal family. Divorced sister of Queen Princess Margaret, daughter - Princess Anne, live virtually separate youngest son of Queen Andrew, Duke of York and his wife, Princess Fergie. But that was bred heir to the throne ... All remembered the King Edward VIII, abdicated in 1936 to marry a divorced American. But it is worth remembering, and King George I, ascended the throne in 1714, already divorced. You can still remember the scandalous divorce of King George IV with his wife, Princess Caroline Royal Affairs, whom he refused to declare the queen. The case was heard in Parliament, and his wife in public washing dirty linen. Then, in the twenties of last century, said that the numerous scandals in the royal family will lead to the natural death of the monarchy, without revolutions. It took the era of Queen Victoria, to revive the idea of ​​authority and the monarchy in Britain.

Now even the monarchists are pinning their reliable with children, Charles, that the king after Queen Elizabeth II would have been her grandson William. In general, the situation is very complicated Royal Affairs young princes, as is often forgotten in the smoke of battle between Charles and Diana. Prince William was born in June 1982 and Prince Harry in September 1984, all these years the boys were inseparable, but in autumn they parted ways: Prince William went to study at Eton, and Harry's little inclination for the sciences is not observed, and most it is the fate of another role. A great gulf separates the brothers - one should be king, and another - just his brother. Each step is logged by William palace photographer. Already, he is fulfilling his duties with aplomb and dignity. Harry may Royal Affairs feel much more relaxed. Everyone knows the playful and cheeky character even younger prince. But William, in recent years has become more withdrawn and reserved. This is the price for the right to be heir to the throne. Sometimes he does not stand up and complains that the guards did not give him a normal life.

Prince Charles wanted his children began their "official" life as late as possible. Charles himself, despite all the talks is the best-trained heir to the throne in the world. He wants to prepare for this difficult mission, and their sons. Charles, who already Royal Affairs announced his intention to ascend the throne divorced and does not intend to marry more, understands that his reign will be brief. He was almost 50. It was William becomes the owner of the British Crown in the XXI century, William and education - lifework of Charles. Princess Diana saw their task was to acquaint William with different aspects of life outside the palace. William went to see another mother, dying of AIDS, and visited with her homeless shelters. Diana would like to see the future king was closer to his people. Now both brothers to be a hard test in Royal Affairs connection with the divorce of their parents. And in this connection one can not ignore the fact that a very nice and rich heir last great monarchy of the world ever look many young ladies. But, unlike his brother Harry, who can choose their own destiny, Prince William fact of his birth placed in the path where he himself does not take decisions, as they could not take his father - Prince Charles.

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